About Me.

IMG_9300Greetings readers. I’m Farah Sham.

An archetypal breathing being who takes loaded fondness for writing and photography, with a fraught of gruelling to see the world in a different vantage point.

If I am not writing and look crucially happy in my photographs, I would enjoy filling my head with the uncertainties of this very mystifying life which leads me to a very in-depth science lover and how I like to believe myself as, a broad-minded person. I am at odds with all types of violence, discriminations and oppressions. Habitually wishing for a much more convalescent civilisation because I hate waking up to what I have to read in daily newspapers and the news everyday.

The universe has bestowed me with a good life and I am very beholden to what I have, but still trying to be more independent because I am quite dreadful at it.


2 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Don Royster

    It’s true. You woke up and found yourself in Uncle Bardie Country. Now that you have followed Uncle Bardie, you may find yourself at that fork in the road that have to take. With Uncle Bardie for a guide, you can be comforted that you may stub your toe on a pun, find you can’t resist laughing at those things you never thought funny and wake up to wonder what Uncle Bardie will post next. It’s okay. That itch can be scratched by simply tuning into the next Post, It could very well be a doozy or not. Either way it will be coming from the whacky mind of Uncle Bardie. So thanks for following Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. It beats bananas any day. Unless…but that’s a whole ‘nother thang. And one last thing. Thanks for the follow and have a great day (or night, depending on your perspective).

  2. Laura4NYC

    Nice blog! Found you when looking up images for the Scottish Castle and now I’m sure I will be reading through a bunch of your posts on Southeast Asia because I long to be there very soon!
    Hugs from Germany

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