Letting off malice.

Photo on 9-27-14 at 1.50 AM


I couldn’t be domiciled with the fact that something would just outstrip interest in me when I had diffused my heart and soul just to make things pretty. Feelings really aren’t just feelings. They’re like phantoms, preying on your mind, one minute from another. They’re something with a malice a forethought, it’s a metaphor yeah, but who would have known that feelings could be so cruel?

Maybe, for now, or undying forever, I am just meant to be at my own solitude. It’s important for me to take full charge for my own feelings, feelings are always best kept to ourselves especially feelings like mine.

I turn my back away from the light at the end of the tunnel . Hopes are just shades of coloured bullshits. In life, I’ve learned that hope and expectations always throw me down the dumps.


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