Day 1 in Bangkok.







Chatuchak is one of the world’s largest markets it seems, unfortunately we arrived on Sunday evening and we had to rush to Chatuchak. We reached there at around 3pm. We had little time, to shop. I can’t even manage to take some decent pictures. It is a must go. There were so many stuff there, from clothes, to accessories, souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques, and it’s cheap. We were unable to journey the whole street, I think we only covered around 4/10 of the place.






During our stay in Bangkok, we stayed in Thanon Sukhumvit. It was a convenient place to stay at since it was quite nearby to the places we wanted to visit. I’d say everywhere we wanted to go would take less than 35 minutes from there.

It’s also nearby Soi 38.

Soi 38 was an alley with food stalls.

For more informations on Thanon Shukumvit check out my friend, Raymond’s blog:








As you can see from the happiness of Dinesh’s face in the above picture. Yes, this is the red light district (one-of) in Bangkok. The single lane is filled with neon lights and raunchy bars with shoddy music. You can find go-go girls along the streets.

Some scenes in The Hangover 2 was also shot here.

It is opened at 6pm till 2.30 am



6 thoughts on “Day 1 in Bangkok.

  1. raymond on the road

    Looks like you had a great time in BKK! Bad luck on not seeing Chatuchak at the best time, but maybe on your next visit? Seems you found the most important things along Sukhumvit – the food in Soi 38, and the girls in Cowboy! I think the food is probably safer to sample! lol I’m writing a guide about the road, but only start starting. Not sure I want to write about the girls, start to give the wrong image!

    • porcelainred

      I did had a marvelous time in Bangkok! And yeah, definitely will come back for Chatuchak.

      You’re writing a book? or an internet travel guide?

      Oh well, I think you really should write about the girls because basically, Bangkok’s not Bangkok without the girls!

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