Burgseeli Natural Lido – Riggenberg.



It was our last day, and after visiting Bern and Bonigen lake, we had nothing to do. We were on our way back to our stay in Riggenberg, Interlaken and I noticed a lake and a lot of people were swimming and sun bathing there.

The place is called Burgseeli and it’s 5 minutes walk from the place we stayed.


Among everyone, I was the one most fired up to go for a swim. It wasn’t something we have back in Malaysia, the lake is more amusing, clean and different.



The weather was sunny. It was a perfect weather to swim in. I don’t mind a little tan too.

I had my swimwear and towel and I’m all ready to jump in the water.





We had to pay to go for a swim. It’s not that expensive and they didn’t charge my parents’ since they weren’t there to swim. Above stated the rate.




Above is the lake for bathing.



They even have a pool for the non-swimmers.



This is the diving tower. It was quite high and I didn’t go for it but I did went for that very lower jump 🙂


If you are in Interlaken, I highly suggest on visiting Burgeseeli Lake.



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