Jungfrau Mountain, Top of Europe.

The day before  we had a conflict deciding whether to visit Jungfrau or to visit the Schilthorn mountain. The movie ‘James Bond’ had made a scene in Schilthorn mountains, whereas  the Jungfrau is famous for Bollywood movies.

Since Jungfrau is more famous and it is the top of Europe, we made up our minds to visit the Jungfrau. It slightly expensive compared to Schilthorn. We have to take a train to go up to the Jungfrau mountain, to go up to the Schilthorn mountains you need to take a cable car.

I am a bit alleviated to visit the Jungfrau instead of Schilthorn because I have this anxiety (but I’m still able to cope) for heights.

The weather was getting hotter day by day in Switzerland during my time of visit.

We drove from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen’s train station.

The train ticket cost around 200 CHF per person. (It is quite expensive, but you can cut cost by hiking if you’re more adventurous and energetic)

The duration of the train ride is around 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.



IMG_2269This above picture is at the Lauterbrunnen railway station.



You will be given a Jungfrau Railway passport upon paying the tickets. There’s a brief information in the passport.




I swear this is the most premier train ride in my life. When everyone is sleeping, my eyes are gaping awake absorbing the moment. I was looking at a paradise. I was at the place I thought I would never reach. It was beautiful and I really appreciate to get to witness the magnificence of the Alps. I took hundreds of pictures but the camera could not capture what I have seen. Words cannot describe how lucky I am.



To continue our journey to the Jungfrau mountain, we had to transfer to another train at the Kleine Scheidegg station. The above picture is where it’s at. (We were halfway till the Jungfrau peak)

We had to go through a tunnel after that, so there weren’t anymore green landscapes.



Finally reached the Jungfraujoch!





There’s still a bit snow, but it’s melting though since it’s summer and it was really hot.



The picture above is at the Sphinx Terrace.

IMG_2345The picture above is at the Alpine Sensation.


The picture above is at the Jungfrau panorama.






The sledge park is obviously everyone’s favorite. Even my parents’ enjoyed it very much.IMG_4455

Above stated the rate to sledge/tubing/ski/snowboarding.






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