Zurich-Lucerne-Lauterbrunnen-Interlaken in one day!

We took off from Zurich and directly head to Lucerne. I take pleasure of the view outside from the beckseat. The high road in Switzerland is simply wondrous, it’s encircled with mountains that site lovely swiss cottages. You even get to see drop dead beautiful valleys from far. Of course, we had to pull over to take some pictures.




We continue our drive to Lucern soon after, the drive was around 50 minutes from Zurich. We didn’t visited Lucern meticulously but we did visited the eminent Kapellbrücke also known as the chapel bridge. IMG_2033



After Lucern, we drove to the Lauterbrunnen Valley. When we reached Lauterbrunnen, I felt like I was in a Heidi storybook. Everything there was just right. Lauterbrunnen is a small unspoilt village in Switzerland nestled between the towering walls of a sheer-sided valley that is famous for its waterfalls. Lauterbrunnen is a very small village and easy to get around by walking.







We asked the locals on the places to visit in Lauterbrunnen and were told to visit the Staubbach Falle and Trummelbach Falls. Staubbach Falls can be seen from the center of town.


IMG_2121The waterfall falls from 1000 ft above a hanging valley. Actually, the snow during the fall and winter, would melt into water during the summer, (which is what happened currently in the picture above) which would would cause the waterfall. Since the waterfall is so high, the water almost lost in spray before it reaches the ground level.

After visiting the Staubbach Falle, we visited the Trümmelbach Falls: 3 km behind Lauterbrunnen.



Trümmelbach Falls is like a hidden waterfall closeted inside the mountains. There are ten glacier-waterfalls inside the mountain made accessible by tunnel-lift and dimly lighted.

Unlike the Staubbach Falle, to visit the Trummelbach Falls you need to pay an entrance fee

Trummelbach Falls entrance fees:

Adult: 11 CHF , Children: 4 CHF.


Also if you plan to visit, be noted that:

  • You could get a little wet inside.
  • It’s cold inside the tunnel, raincoat or a jacket is advisable.
  • Wear proper shoes because you need to hike and climb a few stairs.






As you can see in the picture above, I am a little bit petrified when it comes to height. The waterfall is pretty deep down.








The valley in Lauterbrunnen, is carpet with beautiful flowers and yellow dandellions. It was a candy for my eye.

We head to Interlaken after that, and stayed there for a few nights.


2 thoughts on “Zurich-Lucerne-Lauterbrunnen-Interlaken in one day!

  1. KY

    When did you go? Seems to me there’s less tourist then. I went there August 2013. Thanks for the follow. From a fellow Malaysian some more.

    Ambo orge Kelate. Haha!

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