Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The streets in Zurich are bereft of cars, which is so different than in Malaysia.Their streets are made up of railways for the trams. Most of the people there would prefer taking the public transport there because of the proficiency of the transportation service. Others would cycle or skate and very few, would drive.

There are no high-rise building or skyscrapers even though Zurich is the capital city of Switzerland.




We stayed at an apartment in Gertrudstrasse. The weather was animated! The temperature was at 24°C. It was sunshiny, windy and glorious. We didn’t have to put even a light jacket on. It was summer.


Zurich, is an exquisite town. The architecture of the buildings there are well-bred.




The picture above is me at a small jetty at the Limmat River. The water is crystal clear, people actually swim there. Back in Malaysia, this kind of river would be called as ‘Longkang’ ‘drainage’.




The building above, is the Fraumünster Church. Didn’t get the chance to explore the inside of the church, only get to see it from the outside, since it was closed.

The operating hours are at :

Apr-Oct: 10am-6pm; Nov-Mar: 10am-4pm.





Personally, I am not a circus fan. But  I stumble upon this circus during my visit in Zurich. It’s called, Circus Conelli and it is site just beside Lake Zurich.



At the Lake Zurich. Watching the ducks and swans.



Along the street of Bahnhofstrasse, here be prone of high-end shops.





Switzerland is well-known for their chocolates. Which are most of them handmade to the ne plus ultra. Their chocolate are full-flavored and first class.

We only stayed in Zurich for a day, the next day we drove off to Interlaken.



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