Globe-Trotting Singapore (Part 3)

The second day in Singapore, me and Dinesh spend our whole day at the Universal Studios Singapore.

The amusement park ticket cost for about 74 $ for an adult. We also purchase the express pass which cost us an additional of 50$ each, since we were told that some rides necessitates 50 minutes of waiting time, both of us are not smitten on waiting so we decided to go for the express pass.

We access the park at 11a.m, we had our breakfast before that. I thought we were behind time, but we’re not. The weather was worthy, it was sun-drenched without a cloud in the sky and a perfect day at the theme park.


IMG_9409 IMG_9412

This was the first ride we took, and it was an adorable one.

IMG_9414 IMG_9417

TRANSFORMERS The Ride was pretty stirring. But Battlestar Galactica: CYLON is the cut above the rest.

IMG_9430 IMG_9437 IMG_9439 IMG_9445 IMG_9469


Before we route out the theme park, I wanted to have ice-cream at the Mel’s Drive In diner. We left the theme park at 6.30 p.m because I wanted to watch the sunset at the Siloso Beach.


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