Globe-Trotting Singapore (part 1)

I took a trip to Singapore with Dinesh, early July for an interval of 3 days. We didn’t explore Singapore that much, since our time was scanty, but we definitely used our time sensibly to visit where we could. It’s kinda unfortunate because  we had no time to visit Bugis Street and Orchard Road. I wouldn’t worry that much because Dinesh said there’s always next time.

We visited the Gardens by the Bay.

It is situated in the central of Singapore. When Dinesh, Yvonne and I came, it was already 12.a.m. So it was pretty under lit, but still the place was schmaltzy for a night walk.



The garden was situated in the vicinity to the magnificent ‘Marina-Bay Sands’ Resort.


The supertrees look super cute. They paramount the garden with pretty lights, very prepossessing.


Me, Dinesh and the Singapore Flyer. IMG_9600

This would be the helix bridge, a bridge for pedestrians. It is construct in the same way as the DNA structure.


Lastly, the lotus flower building would be the ArtScience Musuem.

Dinesh doesn’t like Singapore, because their country has some reckless law that we had to comply with. For example, smoking is an offense in public places, (you’re not even allowed to smoke in bars).

Besides that there’s no lepak at the mamak nightlife, so Dinesh thought Singapore’s a unfavorable place to be settled in. Well, I think so too.


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