Airbus A380 Experience.

The Airbus A380 aircraft is slightly distinct than the usual Boeing 747.

My siblings and I are super turned on when dad says we’ll be flying to London via the new MAS Airbus A380. Truth be truth, we are more thrilled to fly with the Airbus A380 experience rather than going to London.

The normal boeing 747 doesn’t have their own suite, so the Airbus A380 gives more privacy to the passengers.








The seats are probably much more comfortable because you have more room expanse. Honestly, I’m not so sure about this one because, Boeing 747 has a vast space too, just minus the suite.





My favorite features of the Airbus A380 is that we have a big screen ahead of us. That not only it is big enough for us to watch movies but it also plays a live cam of the aircraft during landing and take-off. For me, it feels better to know what’s going on outside the plane while flying, you feel less insecure about what’s going on. The live cam only play during take-off and landing though.







And as always food taste significantly great, totally first-rate.









I love the Airbus A380 and I wish I get to travel via this aircraft to other countries in the future time. Nothing feels more happier than traveling comfortably and over indulging yourself.


5 thoughts on “Airbus A380 Experience.

  1. jeritilley

    Sad to say that my experience of the A380 was far from pleasant. Only flown on it once, and that was with Air France, never again!. Very slow boarding, not enough legroom, very poor and VERY slow onboard service, queues for the toilets due to far too many people then queues to get off the thing at the other end. Bit is not always beautiful. On a smaller aircraft, you are on and off it much faster, and it does not feel like ‘cattle class’ as I did on the Air France A380. I will try and avoid flying it in future.

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