(ง’̀-‘́)ง Day 9. Bring it on!


It’s the 9th day of my abs challenge. And everything is going ably according to scheme.

I make love with the gym equipment everyday and yes every drop of sweat feels good. I’m feeling blooming healthy and fit than ever.

The melancholy news is that I’m not even close to complete my Surya Namaskar (Salutation A) but pooh-pooh, patience is a virtue.


10 thoughts on “(ง’̀-‘́)ง Day 9. Bring it on!

      • george-b

        Age, but I try, as much as rigidity allows! And looking back few decades from now I hope you can say the same, about what you’re able to do now!
        But now, is good enough for many years to come!

      • porcelainred

        Yeap. I’m gonna be one smokin cool old woman few decades from now. Trust me on this. Heheh.
        Where are you from George?
        Judging from your blog, I can’t tell if you’re a poet or you’re working for wordpress?

      • george-b

        No way…Me working for these guys? I’m not that fortunate! I’m just an mature Californian and an even more mature Romanian…I always liked the good healthy pragmas of the Orient, I do just a little yoga, tai chi…I’m done doing karate…too intense for me…like to walk and bike…and blog.

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