Edinburgh Castle, Scottland.

My family and I decide to walk from our hotel to the castle which was only  a kilometer away. This would be my first visit to a real castle. The Edinburgh castle is situated on a rocky mountain. When I first sight the castle, I was feeling barbaric inside. As we were walking down the pavement to the castle, we could hear some Scottish Music playing which totally create a Delphic feeling.


We had to climb a few steps to reach the castle. It was raining drizzly that morning as I recall back. A chilly morning in chilly Edinburgh.

As we reached the top of the rocky mountain, we found ourselves at the main entrance of the castle. We could see the whole Edinburgh from up there.




The entrance fee into the castle was around £15 for an adult and £9 for kids.




Only god knows how much the Hot chocolate helped me go through the chilly breeze.

In the castle, they also have this reserved cemetery for the soldier’s dog.




This shall be Margaret of Wessex, or better known as Saint Margaret. The queen consort of Scotland.


These are Saint Margaret’s maiden.

In the old times, according to the butcher of the castle, sugar was very expensive and worth much more than gold. The food they ate back then consist a lot of sugar, it is a signature of luxury.



It is a tradition for a king in Scotland to be throne on the stone of scone.


8 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle, Scottland.

  1. greenmackenzie

    Lovely photos of beautiful Edinburgh….but I might be a little blast as I live here 🙂 I love seeing and hearing visitors views of our fair city, and chilly is a god word for its windy streets in winter 🙂

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