The joy of promenading Hyde Park.

I fancy the parks, I love the rich space painted with trees and rivers, the clean air of a park. The friendly animals like the squirrels, dogs, butterflies, ducks, swans, and the birds. It’s a warm-feeling when you’re at the park.




On Christmas day, I took a stroll in Hyde Park. It was a walk away from the apartment we stayed, which was in Bayswater. All the public transport were absent during Christmas,  the underground tube was also closed, so we had no choice but to beetle around town.



IMG_6858London was being unusually modest during Christmas,  all the shops closed, the only thing you get to see is tourists like us, I guess Christmas is the day where people stayed in their houses spending quality time with their loved ones.




IMG_6831Unfortunately, I hate the winter season. I can never adapt myself walking at 4°C with three layer of clothes (not including the big jacket).




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