The smudge in the house.

All of my belongings are well-sorted and arranged. When it comes to my possessions, I am vey conscientious of where all my stuff are place. I can be a very fussy person when people take my stuff without my approbation, and worst, not returning it.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with this problem everyday for Little Miss Farissa, my slimy and filthy messy sister, will come to my room when I am not around, open my wardrobe, take out my clothing (with the intention of borrowing it, without my permission), throw the hanger on my bed (and not in my hanger basket), and then put on my clothes, and not closing my wardrobe door ( which is another thing I hate ), and then she would start to doll up herself, and if she realized her hair is flawed, she would pull out a comb, and start combing her hair, and then, she would leave the comb  somewhere else and not at the place where it’s suggested, then she would start taking my bobby pins, and clip her hair ( in which, day by day, hundreds of my bobby pins would be left until just 2 or 3 pins left. Beyond-Unbelievable? Tell me about it) and when she’s all well-groomed, she would walk out of my room, with the doors open, and taking my macbook along with her. And after done using my macbook, she would dump my macbook in her room, with 6 % battery remaining. That is how she would disperse my stuff after using them. Sometimes, my stuff would get lost at times I need them most.

This is a regular scene that I just could not deal with, and I pinned my hopes that she would get sick of me going bananas and just rehabilitate her annoying habit. But it looks like, it would never come to an end. At scenes, mum would be thinking, that I am a psychotic sister who needs anger management therapy, when Little Miss Farissa is clearly the one who needs to be taken to rehab for her pathetic disordered life !

*grumbles grumbles.



One thought on “The smudge in the house.

  1. aliza

    i wish u are just as organised and fussy when it comes to my car u are driving…i have exactly the same complaints on how “well” u look after the car…good thing u r educating ur lil sis

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