Urbanscapes 2012

We came in quite late, at about 6 p.m since we didn’t want to pact with the sun and heat. It’s the fortunate decision yet. The place was filled with frenzy and hobby, but the muddy fields was just.. pestiferous.

The mudland was mounted with tents. There were many stores selling goods, and some are campaigns, expedition and warfare like The WWF, PETA, Volkswagen and stuff like that.


  • Perky Writing Tablet ( Daybook, Journal, Scratchbook, memo-pad; delightful ones)

and it’s abnormally cheap…

  • Knickknacks and Curios. ( Antiques, collector’s items, toys )

  • Room Decor/Props

  • Prototypical clothings and wear.

It’s a bit flimsy to find these kind of apparel in Malaysia, because we don’t really have a specific right on place that sell these kinds of garments in our country where they sell just ripe clothing. They’re around, but they’re quite scattered. So this is really just the place where all the flower child can find their vintage wear.

  • Body Fandangle and those odd sunglasses.

  • Arts (Crafts, canvas drawing & abstraction)

People are allocate to express or, I’d rather say ‘explicit’ what they think love is all about on this giant blackboard, and well, I just couldn’t green on with the majority when they think love is about great sex.

To me love is all about coping up with my boyfriend, he’s very lovely, though he can be quite a gnaw at times. Love is nothing without him. That’s what it is.

Events like this should be held at regular intervals, and the entrance fees totally need to be cut-rate because it certainly burn a hole in my pocket !


2 thoughts on “Urbanscapes 2012

  1. Ryan

    hey nice coverage of Urbanscapes 2012! are you going for this year’s? the line ups are amazing. haha.

    Anyways, just wanna ask for permission to use your picture of the blackboard. Would that be all right?

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