Bloodshed Unfinished.

Today I am going to blog about something grave that’s going on right now. I was looking at the pictures of the bombing victims that are happening in Libya, Gaza, Palestine. It’s demented shit. What is the problem with this world? I dare say that they can do a lot better than this.

Gazan have the liberty to enjoy the same freedom as other nation. Israel wants the holy land and Gaza’s gas, and that is just so fucking ego+maniacal. I say they should just terminate their lame mission, hold their grenades, sink their bloody hamas, put their guns down and take a fucking chill pill. Stop the massacre!

My post today, is a form of prayer for peace to all these bombing victims;


  • None of the pictures in this post are mine, I saved it from google and repost this to my blog. I do not take credit from any pictures for this post.

2 thoughts on “Bloodshed Unfinished.

    • porcelainred

      Not everyone from Israel are bad though. It’s just that these are the faults of the extremist and politicians.

      People need to learn to live in peace. In this way, this would never happen.

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