If I could see the future me.

I was stressin’ to pen about this topic, you could never suppose how many drafts I’ve made. I reckon, I couldn’t frame myself to be like the time ahead, in this day and age. It’s because I just have heaps of things I want to earn in life and there’s just too many dreams, or in better words, fantasy.

I am not trying to be the doom and gloom sort of person, but I like to believe myself as a very disoriented one. I’m not so certain, yet. At one minute, I just want to be the person who howls ‘YOLOOOOOO!;’ to all and sundry, and the other moment, I dream of being an impact. To be someone like Robert Kuok. Jeeez.

I haven’t get my mind linear. I’m still my zigzag and irrational self. I’m just not there yet. To be thinking of the future. I’m 18 and maybe I’ll pay this topic a visit when I turn 20.


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