Malaysia’s Avalanching Rainy Season.

In recent times, all of the state in Malaysia has been cataract with rain. And it really sours my humor.

I am unable to bear the rainy season because,

1. It makes me go aching for food all day long.

It seems like I tend to gravitate myself towards food during frigid days. My tummy tend to bitch, unwittingly I would eventually be in auto-pilot stuffing myself with food every now and then and everyday’s diet would meet with disaster -.-

2. It makes me feel lackadaisical.

Ah, the unilluminated days. It makes me feel dopey and I get very very very lazy.

3. It makes me feel like bloodshedding myself.

Melancholy? Yuck. Somebody please bring back the sunlight! I do not like being in the dark, getting my hair and clothes wet to college everyday.


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