Happy Halloween To All My Freaky Friends.

So on Halloween, did you walked up the stairs backwards with a candle in your hand, in a darkened house and did you look in the glass? To see the face of your future husband that will pass?

Well, one thing for sure, I actually really plan to do that, but I know I’ll be panic-stricken to be seeing my long time obsession ghost, Bloody Mary. Eeeek !

Halloween is one of my favorite bash, because you can dress abnormally and just not be yourself for once.

In the country I’m living in, people don’t really go gaga on Halloween. Maybe that’s because of how solid the culture is in our country and how religious the people are.

So Halloween will never be the way I always expect it would be, as you don’t get to go trick or treats and get a bucket full of candies, you don’t get to scare and make people jump in terror and pull out nasty pranks on people.

And if you haven’t go figured, for this year’s Halloween costume, I am the dark angel.


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