I yearn for this degree


5 thoughts on “I yearn for this degree

  1. diba

    hey! so it is confirm that he cheated on me.i chat with tht girl using his fb.they date each other since may.i know on august.lol what should i do?i feel crazy.i cant stop sending text yelling at him.n sitting for spm next week.please help farah!

  2. diba

    nahh.now he’s saying that he plan it with the girl so that i’ll leave him because he can see that i’m suffering ever since i know about her scandal.haishh.-.- nvm.i just dont want to think about it.thnx anyway 🙂

  3. porcelainred

    Honey, I hope you’re okay, shit happens. And I wouldn’t do any better than you would but you gotta try okay, the right guy will happen. Embrace being single.

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