Today had been a lousy day. But it gets a little bit amusing when I muse back about all the bad happenings.

Bad Happening #1 : College Algebra test was kinda knotty. I was struggling with the 350 MS calculator, which I accidentally exchange with my brother. I ran out of liquid, (it just have to be today among all the other days) and the paper was fluff with so many strikes. My paper was a mess.

Bad Happening #2 : I was caught singing (yelling) ‘Pound the Alarm’ , and I dare not say, how bad my car-dance and face circulation was, with my grandma-like attire with the techno music on booming volume. I got ditched by boys beside my car and they mimic my actions. *Eyes-rolling.

Bad Happening #3 : My toilet almost burned. I left my toilet with the candles on and when I came in the toilet three and a half hours later the fire came to a head, I was in terror and squealing like a madwoman, while I was tryna put out the fire.

Bad Happening #4 : I distorted my back trying to attempt the ‘Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana’ pose in yoga.

Bad Happening #5 : You. You. You. You ! You who tries to turn my inferno day into a nirvana day. I.. just really can’t do this anymore. You’re so remarkable and so deep in thoughts.  You make me forget about all the troubles and the anxiety and the pressure. But then again, because you’re too sunny, you end up making my day feeling worst than ever. Please go away.


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