Bollywood Ladies’ Gala Night.

So last Saturday, I keep my mum’s company to a Bollywood Ladies Event. It was gloriously a great time, since everyone was prettify up with their vibrant and varicolored Sari, Lehengas, sharara, dupatta, and many other kinds of indian clothing. Not to mention, appetizing indian food 🙂

In preparation for the event:

I ‘m not really used to wearing make-up on my face. Unless, it’s for face painting purpose. And I would say this would be the first time for me to actually be wearing deep make-up. Since, I am a first-class make-up noobie, Auntie Najiha was there to my rescue.

I had my hands done in Little India with Maryam Khan. So much fun to promenade down the road of the Indian streets to find the stuff I need for this event.

The Event, 8p.m: (Let’s just let the pictures speak)

Getting down with the aunties’.

I didn’t know all this mummies, can be a real whopper !

Me with my mum’s twin.

Don’t they just look so foxy? So bewitching, and I’m in love with what they’re wearing

And the most surprising thing was, I was elected best dress. So joyous, and staggered. It was something unlooked-for and unexpected, since everyone was dressing so pretty.

and the prize was a Chanel make-up set 🙂  

Cheers for de joie de vivre !


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