Lemons, Shit, and Everything Bad.

I know it doesn’t really wooes me. This whole border/rim/mushroom/bangs haircut. But I actually have a liking to it, cause it’s sorta like a new strange look for me. I mean, I’ve tried this haircut a couple of times back then, but a new hairstyle should be the remedy to a real monochrome life. Even if it doesn’t look jake, at least I have something else to be sorrow and stress about.

And yes, life is really colorless, currently.  Everyday is pretty much EVERY day.

Everyday I wake up expecting that the day would be of higher quality than yesterday, but no, it’s either the same thing waking up to, or creamier worst.

Today is the worst of the worst. Come on now more shittier days! Bring it on! LET’S WORK THE WEAPONS !


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