It’s Friday night. I am enjoying myself watching Guliana and Bill.

They are the couple that bite my ass to the max. I’m totally grudging over Giuliana for having Bill. Bill is a twenty-first century gentleman. You don’t get to find guys like that nowadays. Men are too meshed up with their life. Always so involved. Work comes first, football, friends, and if you’re lucky enough, you might make it TOP5 in their priority list. But you can’t never hope to be their 1# That is men in general, that’s what I have been noting and I have favorably adopt and live with it.


4 thoughts on “Brouhaha

  1. diba

    and they expect us to understnd them all the time. -.- guys are only sweet in the beginng.they dont know meh gurl very sensitive?hha Well at least like you say,you already adopt with it.i havent n even small thng hurts puff-.-

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