The creepy-crawly that fiddle my bazooms.

As I was folding my clothes after laundry, I stumble on an uncertain bug that got attached to one of my shirt. Specifically, the shirt that Arif got me for my 18th birthday, and I was chickened out. I jolt out and fling the shirt away from my hold, and the bug somewhat, hopped to my breast. I swank the bug and it dive onto my bed.

The bug have the appearance of a grasshopper, but a huge one, it was charcoal colored, with big black swelling eyes, that looks like papaya seeds sticking out. Just the compound eyes scares the bejabbers outta me.

And so, I decided to kill it. I force the spray of Ridsect. And to my amaze, the bug seems to be immune to the aerosol spray. And so I bolt to Farissa’s room and yap about this big problem and asked for help.

But the problem is when I came back to my room, the bug is missing, and so, until the bug is retrieve, my life would be in unhappiness and anxiety .


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