Playing time although I haven’t have much left 😱

Woke up today afternoon, feeling really delphic because all of my work has not yet been done. There’s a pyramid of daily grinds (exercising-laundry+blogging), and collegeworks .

It’s a droll that when I have a mucho things to do. Nothing gets done. Apparently, I am still in my loose shirt I wore overnight, with a killer oily and smelly hair (this happens, after I wake up, I have indian hair I guess (something that’s passed down to me from my grandfather)) I haven’t even brush my teeth just yet, and it’s approximately 4:59p.m. I omit brushing my teeth, when I had lunch 3 hours ago.

Something about this saturday just makes me wanna loaf in this illegal state. I decided to stay at home today, I even say no to mama, to go out shopping (that’s one deed, really), I haven’t been making things happen since I have been busy procrastinating,

I despise when i play this waiting game and all of my works get really messed-up 💩


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