Air Asia Cadet – Stage One Exam.

This posts is ordain for all the candidates who are reckless for information, (like me) before the Stage One Exam. Here I am to plum on whatever I remembered when I took the test (I don’t really remember much though).

If you guys think the Exam was kacang or easy as ABC, and does not require any gestation. You guys are on the wrong. The exam was an effortful difficult one. Most probably need a week or two, to refreshen up.

I had a friend whose in the ground school, he gave me his notes on their first stage exam, which was a light reading material and the contents were simplified, basic maths and basic physics. I only went through those notes before the exams, and that was my mistake. They did not ask elementary questions during the AirAsia exam.

The subjects and questions asked during the exam: (All objectives)

1. English- It was the most callous English paper I had ever brush. It wasn’t really SPM level in my opinion. It was tricky and puzzling since they even ask questions that are not even in the given passage, so you have to be really really sure on your answers, and the essays are really prosaic that can make you feel really hypnotic.

2. Physics- Questions based on SPM syllabus. Don’t bother to read the long Chapter 2. They were lots of questions based on Waves, Lights & Electronics. Nailing down the formulas would be really helpful.

3. Maths – The most straightforward and elementary paper comparing the other 3. Based on SPM syllabus. Lots of factorization, simplifying, and the ‘longitude and latitude’ questions.

4. Maths IQ- This was shitty. Only nerds with Einstein brains would be able to pull this off.


I am with conviction sure that, I won’t be back for the second stage, because I knew I did maladroitly for the first stage, maybe I’ll try my weal some other time, maybe after I finished my foundation or degree. Goodluck to other future candidates!


11 thoughts on “Air Asia Cadet – Stage One Exam.

  1. Shazana Yatim

    Hey there! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 I’ve been looking for cadet pilot blog and thanks god!! Found one which I can take notes and prepare what should I prepared before the exam day. I have got some questions here so, hope you wouldnt mind help me out 😉 are English and Math IQ subject in stage one? I heard people said its going to be only math and physic first. And if so, for English i guess it’s going to be in subjective or how. And and and for physic and math they are all in objective right? One more, how many hours per subject? Hehe ok I think that’s it, dont want to burden you more answering such questions. Oh yeah which subject is the hardest for ya? 😉 thanks!! Hope to get reply from you soon 🙂

  2. Fazem

    Hey, I have been shortlisted for the Air Asia cadet pilot programme assessment exam stage 1.I have some questions regarding the whole process and since you have attended the exam,I would like to ask you a few questions about it.My email address is .Please drop me an email so that we can keep in touch.Thank you.

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