Asphyxiate in the backseat

You would not like to bump yourself, and get booby trap in a car with ‘The Sham’ siblings in the backseat. It’s a chaos mayhem. Seriously we are. Especially in long distance patrol.

In scences, Fareez would turn on his mp3 player volume on its highest capacity, and being hastily inconsiderate. No one wants to listen to his handicapped playlist of remixed House music. Farissa would be sleeping. With her mouth catholicly open and a niagra falls of slobberish saliva comes cascading out from her mouth and me I would be sitting with my legs folded and find my ‘seat of roses’ zone in which Farissa finds it very narciccistic. At every 30 minutes I would attempt yoga or any light exercise in the car.

I just find it superbly annoying, my siblings & I.





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