Melacca & the valediction :'(





The Melacca trip was allude to celebrate Syeero’s 18th Birthday. It is also cast to intimate our last time together, they’re departing for UITM. That is a very very bereaved news 😥

Since the girls are leaving for a few years, all the high school anamnesis fleshed out.

2007 was that year- Nadia was my first high school friend, she had always been the way she is; gutsy, outgoing and a naughty nudge at times. Syeero was also one of the first girlfriends I know when I was 13, and she too did not change according to me, always soft spoken, a tenderfoot and gracious hearted.

These girls had been there for me, generating me into who I am, and I am just gratified that it’s them I grow up with. If only we could stop growing and just stay young as we were, haih kan senang, kan best.

I have limited friends that I trust. Syeero and Nadia are one of them. I never pictured this day would come. We’re sojourning apart and I just hope things would still look-alike in the future.


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